Guerrilleros Hmong, padre e hijo

Guerrilleros Hmong, padre e hijo

  • AUTOR: © Sergio Caro
  • LUGAR DA TOMA: Hmong, Laos.
  • RESIDE: Sevilla, España.
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Sergio Caro

Father and son pose armed with a mortar and a Kalashnikov in a Hmong hideout in the Laotian Phu Bia region on October 3rd, 2015.

They are part of a group of 170 Hmong people who hide in the Laotian jungle to avoid the Government's crackdown. Known for their tribe's warrior qualities, the Hmong were trained by the US to secretly combat the Communist in Laos during the Vietnam War. As members of the “CIA’s Secret Army,” they were subjected to the Government's repression when US forces fled the region. Today, the Government in Laos is silent about the presence of guerrillas and civilians in the jungle, denying both the conflict and their mere existence. But for both adults and kids, the war is still alive.

Both subjects posed for the camera while patrolling the refuge.