• AUTOR: © Alberto Pérez Reino
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  • RESIDE: Coruña, Galicia.
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Alberto Pérez Reino

/// WHY?:
I always found it funny that we now speak of the war in terms of liberty, liberation, and democracy. That well known military forces call themselves “forces of good” that they jump in defense of the nation and its interests mainly for their interests. So when terrorists attacks, we call it a monstrousity and inhuman but if our governments bombard cities and kill ten times more people than any act of terrorism we decide to ignore.

"The violence left millions in France and beyond fearful, traumatized and grasping for a response. And it demonstrated the group’s willingness to attack civilians and targets no matter how innocent they were." (Times) But I cannot imagine how a normal Iraqi family whose country is torn constantly apart in the name of liberty and democracy feels...
33 million people live in Iraq, which was against international law attacked by some of our allies with no further legal consequences so what should have been the consistently response to this criminal act... Yes another criminal act what a surprise....

Did you actually know, what the war has cost? The first five years? Well only 3000 billion euros, 3000000000000 €...(see FAZ).

It would have been easier to give an Iraqi family 90,000 euros instead of misery and death.

The average income in Iraq is 2700 Dollars (see average income) per year - 33 Years would the Iraqi family - yes, the whole Iraqi people – could have lived without work or they would have had a decent basic income that they would have with diligence topped up: I believe that no one would have had a reason to Escape his country... and ISIS would have remained a sick imagination of degenerate psychopaths but instead it has become a sad reality.

Wars are fought for only one reason... profits. It's not about saving the world for democracy or religion. No, bullshit, it comes to the profit of the top 10 percent... simply... study some history and you will see...